de la Briere, Benedicte

Gender Cross Cutting Solutions Area group of the World Bank


Bénédicte de la Brière is a Lead Economist in the Gender Cross Cutting and Solutions Area group of the World Bank.  She was previously in the Human Development group of the Africa Region, as well as focal point for Governance and Service Delivery in the Office of the Chief Economist for Human Development. At the World Bank, she has worked on social assistance in MENA, LAC and SSA. She has previously served at FAO, leading research about the productive impacts of social cash transfers in Africa, and ...

Author Name Variants
de la Brière, Bénédicte; de la Brière, Bénédicte Leroy; de la Briere, Benedicte
Fields of Specialization
Social assistance, Impact evaluation
Ph.D., Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
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Last updated May 2, 2017